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"...will keep the egg off your face and your foot out of your mouth."

Craig Eley,
past Denver Bar Association President


  • EMT
    Yes, we’re available for Emergency Media Training. If you suddenly find yourself in the spotlight, and you expect a media feeding frenzy, we can be there quickly to help you prepare.
  • More Effective Public Speaking
    Diane and Fred can give you tips on writing a speech to fit your audience. We can also tape you so you can assess your delivery and, if necessary, make a few improvements.
  • Better News Releases
    Our extensive experience in writing and editing will help you improve your message and its reception by the media. We can offer tips on making it more constructive and turn negatives to positives.
  • The ABCs of Writing
    There’s more to your public image than news releases. If you’d like to improve the basic writing of other documents, internal publications, etc., Diane and Fred can give you advice on Accessibility, Brevity and Clarity. 
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