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Don't go into the media thicket unprepared. We can be your media guides.

Media Relations - What We Can Do For You!

  • Groups
    Diane and Fred can do presentations to give your entire firm or group general insights into what reporters want and how you should prepare. They can provide guidelines – what you should say, what you should never say, how to be ready when the telephone rings and how to control an interview.
  • Workshops
    We can provide small sessions (for perhaps six people) for half-days or up to two full days. These in-depth, interactive training sessions include a discussion of what reporters want and need and how to come up with great sound bites. The most helpful part is videotaping participants several times so they can see their positive traits on television as well as what they need to improve. It never fails -- everyone gets better with practice. These workshops are fun and immensely helpful.
  • Individual Training
    We also offer sessions for anyone who is about to appear on television. These sessions will prepare you for speeches and interviews in the future. Obviously, the focus is on you. Diane and Fred won’t intimidate you. They set a gentle tone and give lots of feedback tone. These individual sessions are probably the most effective, especially when done right before an interview.
  • Contingencies
    Keep us on call for last-minute media emergencies. Since Diane and Fred are both writers and editors, we can help tune up speeches, press releases and other documents as well. To see more, click on COACHING.
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