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"The workshop...was the best I've seen on the subject -- interesting, extremely informative, and fun to boot!"

Ed Ramey, Issacson Rosenbaum.

What People Are Saying
“Fred Brown and Diane Hartman are both high performers and sophisticated observers of business, law and politics, who combine the theoretical with the practical; the strategic with the pragmatic!”
    Richard Lamm, co-director of the University of Denver’s Institute for Public Policy Studies and former three-term Governor of Colorado
"What a team! Why weren't Fred and Diane around 15 years ago as I stumbled through endless press interviews during my first few years at CSU? Fred Brown, a CSU graduate, brings a combination of experience and wisdom, coupled with just the right touch of humanity, to create the personal confidence and comfort needed by all leaders to compete in today's rapid-fire compressed media environment. For those of us with sweaty palms, dry mouths and butterflies, we now have the prospect of a level playing field."
    Al Yates, former President of Colorado State University
"Diane Hartman is one of the best PR and media person in the Rocky Mountain region, and I know! I've had people keep me out of the news for years, but when you want to get into the public eye, Diane's the one to call upon. She can make a porcupine look lovable!"
    Karen Mathis, past-president, American Bar Association
“What a great partnership! Fred is the local version of Huntley and Brinkley and Cronkite all rolled into one. Diane uniquely blends dedication to improving the image of lawyers, passion for truth, and creativity in accomplishing her goals. She combines these wonderful traits with a great sense of fun, Southern charm and unbridled enthusiasm"
    Steve Briggs, past Colorado Bar Association President and former Colorado Court of Appeals Judge
"Excellent seminar...very useful....learned a lot about the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the news business. Your help with sound bites was immensely helpful...the hands-on training highly effective. Both informative and entertaining!"
    From a recent workshop at Kelly Haglund Garnsey & Kahn
"Fred and Diane have plenty to offer the legal community. During her tenure here, Diane’s emphasis was on clear communication between lawyers and journalists, and she worked energetically to make that happen. She’s a superb writer and editor and clearly enjoys mentoring others in those skills. Fred Brown didn’t work here, but we called on him so many times to be a calm and knowledgeable moderator – always with a light touch – for our forums. Truly, they’re the voices of experience."
    Chuck Turner, executive director of the Denver and Colorado Bar Associations
"Diane is clear.  She's no-nonsense.  She teaches us how to communicate effectively with the press in short, pithy, and quotable sentences."
    Cathy Krendl, Krendl & Krendl, past Denver Bar Association President
“When Club 20, The Colorado Forum, The Denver Chamber and The Bighorn Policy Center needed a moderator for our statewide forums on Colorado 's fiscal challenges, our unanimous choice was Fred Brown.  As the dean of Colorado political observers, Fred brought the credibility, sense of humor and political objectivity to disarm the ideologues on the left and right and engage leaders across the state in a meaningful dialogue."
    Rutt Bridges, founder and CEO of the Bighorn Center
“Fred and Diane will keep the egg off your face and your foot out of your mouth. It worked for me!"
    Craig Eley, past Denver Bar Association President
“Diane has worked behind the scenes in both worlds of law and the media for so long that she intuitively understands what each profession needs and wants. She is brave enough to tell members of each what they need to know, and genteel enough to make them enjoy it.”
    Joe Dischinger, Fairfield and Woods, past Denver Bar Association President
“The workshop we did with Diane was the best I’ve seen on the subject – interesting, extremely informative, and fun to boot!”
    Ed Ramey, Issacson Rosenbaum
"In presenting workshops to various media groups on water law on behalf of the Colorado Bar Association, I was impressed with Diane's ability to make sure three key points were presented: understanding of the background by doing the leg work necessary, accuracy in reporting the facts, and integrity in the presentation."
    Dave Taussig, water attorney, White and Jankowski
"When Diane was with the CBA, she was an invaluable resource.  I spoke to her before interviews, both print and television.  As a result, the interviews had more clarity, simplicity and high ethical tone.  She was always available afterward for a thoughtful and candid de-briefing.   If you want to get a message across, and look good doing it, I strongly recommend that you contact Diane Hartman."
    Jim Chalat, Chalat Hatten Law Offices
“Diane Hartman worked with me for weeks on a particularly explosive P.R. problem for a client, and her help led to a resolution which avoided major litigation.”
    Alden V. Hill, Hill & Hill
“Whatever your project, Diane will help you brainstorm to make it better. She’s given me inspiration and ideas for my new book, and her enthusiasm always buoys me up.”
    Joan McWilliams, McWilliams Mediation Group
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